Why Work with a Managed Security Services Provider?

The cybersecurity threat landscapes is impossible for the average-joe to keep up with. If you go on any news or media outlet’s website there is a good chance under the “security” section you will see a recent story on a cybersecurity incident, whether it be a data breach or ransomware attack.  

Regardless of the size of the organization, when they are hit with an attack the cost can be devastating. A recent IBM report found that this year the average cost of a data breach increased by 10% from last year. Where remote work was a factor of a data breach it was found that the average cost was $1.07M higher. With the work-from-anywhere model here to stay the expected cost of damages is only expected to rise. 

You might be wondering, why would my business ever be a target? Well, often small to medium sized businesses are the target of attacks because cybercriminals think they do not have the resources to have proper policies in place. Often business owners will believe this is true for themselves. However, today, in the current landscape, business owners must invest in cybersecurity solutions, and one of the best ways to get started is by working with an MSSP.  

What is a MSSP? 

 MSSP stands for Managed Security Service Provider. An MSSP is a third party that can help ease the strain on business owners by providing strategic security services and technical solutions to reduce security risks for the business. Often the goal of working with an MSSP is to create a cybersecurity program and continuously evaluate and grow the program as the company evolves.  

A good MSSP will first evaluate your businesses threat landscape, data types and work to understand where your cyber risks or compliance gaps are. They will then identify a plan and explore options to close those cybersecurity gaps. Often your company will be assigned a dedicated vCISO, Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, who will be your dedicated partner in your cybersecurity journey.  

As a business leader, you cannot afford to skip investing in cybersecurity solutions. So, why work with an MSSP? To build a total cybersecurity program customized to your business needs. At Luminant our approach encompasses three key elements: technology, education, and strategic guidance. Let us take a deeper dive!  


Luminant was founded by IT (Information Technology) experts who have significant technology backgrounds. Because of this, we know what technology solutions are appropriate for your business and how to keep them secure. We continuously stay on the leading edge of cybersecurity risks because it is truly a passion of ours and we pass that knowledge on to our clients when we map their programs.  


Without continuous education and training for employees, the weakest link in your cybersecurity program, your risks will continue to rise exponentially. Cybercriminals know this. At Luminant our approach is to build a program that not only educates your team, but also inspires them to defend against threats become more aware of the modern techniques used by hackers. We work with you to create a culture of cybersecurity awareness from top to bottom.

Strategic Guidance 

At Luminant, your assigned vCISO is along with you and your team for the journey as your guide. They will work with you to navigate the current threat landscape and provide guidance as they map your journey towards a safer tomorrow. Your best defense against cyberthreats is to thoughtfully plan and be proactive.  

Choosing the right MSSP can help your business ensure you are on the right path. When evaluating your MSSP options it is important to first ascertain the MSSP’s culture and whether your organization and your prospective provider have similar cultures and alignment in goals. This is the single greatest contributor to success between an organization and their MSSP. Do not be scared to ask for client references and speak with them directly to get firsthand feedback about their relationship experience.  

If you are ready to start your journey towards a more secure tomorrow, contact us or fill out the form below and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly. We can help you navigate the threat landscape and build a customized roadmap for the future of your business.  

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