Luminant external vulnerability scans determine the integrity of network devices such as routers and firewalls as well as any servers accessible via the Internet such as web or email servers. Diagnosing system inadequacies will help to classify security priorities and evaluate any misconfigurations or holes found in your organization’s network communications. Conducting a thorough gap analysis will highlight the differences between the existing and ideal performance levels within an organization’s technology environment.

A business must first diagnose in order to determine the best course of action to mitigate the security risk.

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Our internal vulnerability scanning examines technical infrastructure that resides behind the protection of a business’ firewall. Luminant’s managed risk assessment includes testing an organization’s databases, intranet, file sharing, and email protocol for potential security weaknesses. This method also evaluates any remote employees’ systems as well as administrative practices and procedures for securing all IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Evaluating internal security processes and procedures reduces threats or potential breaches residing from within the confines of an organization.

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There are a multitude of software tools and resources available that will report on data gathered by a security scan; however the information collected is useless without knowing and understanding the complexities involved with cybersecurity and its overall effects on the business. Our team of experts retain the skills and expertise necessary for evaluating, assessing, and exposing the risks cybercriminals exploit. In addition to deciphering the material provided by a risk assessment, our consultants recognize the impact of business decisions when recommending mitigation solutions.

Interpreting the data and discerning how it relates to business functionality, reduces potential disruption and alleviates much of the pressure felt by leaders within the organization.

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Luminant provides clients with a detailed account of the vulnerabilities that were uncovered, resolution guidance, and oversight that manages and prevents future threats. This documentation provides the foundation for more comprehensive managed security services such as penetration testing, a full risk analysis, or social engineering. The executive summary conveys the actions and measures taken to secure digital assets; demonstrating to your customers, vendors, and the public the importance your business places on safeguarding private information.

Developing a reputation for adopting and maintaining cybersecurity best practices will be evident in the overall success and advancement of the organization.

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Evaluating the
First Line of Defense

Utilizing our resources and toolset, we will determine, analyze, and categorize the security gaps that exist within your network, computer, or communication infrastructure. Luminant evaluates susceptibilities through multiple levels of scans, which ensures a more in depth and detailed account of what improvements need to be implemented.

Billion In Losses
From US Companies
Security Incidences Due To Employees
Million Financial
Records Stolen
Companies Experienced Data Breaches

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Our team will walk you through what is broken, how to fix it, and what is needed to prevent future violations.



Uncover the security gaps in processing, transmitting, and storing sensitive information.

Assess Vulnerabilities

A thorough gap analysis will provide the groundwork for threat reduction and future preventative maintenance.

Vulnerability Mitigation

Customized management and coordination of your business' remediation blueprint.

Risk Management Solutions

Managed security plan designed to target the specific needs for each unique business.

Preventative Oversight

Preserving security with recurring audits, training, and compliance validation.

Monitor and Maintain

Identifying and resolving security threats is only the first phase in sustaining a culture of security.

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