Social Engineering Services

Why Knock Down The Door When You Can Be Invited In?

What Is Social Engineering?

Bypassing system infrastructure and using this non technical methodology, hackers capitalize on human behavior to persuade employees to break security protocol and provide them with network access. The majority of data breaches occur using social engineering tactics, which are continually evolving and assume that businesses do not communicate security protocol throughout the organization.

Customized Social Engineering

Our social engineering approach assess the roles and responsibilities company-wide, examining which methods threaten the integrity of security policies putting sensitive data at risk. Luminant’s team uses penetration testing methods to pinpoint targeted users as well as determine the extent of unauthorized access granted. Combatting social engineering techniques through awareness and training is a necessary component of security.

23% of recipients (1 out of 10 people) open phishing messages and 11% click on attachments.


The Human Element Is The Biggest Security Liability.


Fraudulent email containing malware that tricks the user into installing a virus.

Spear Phishing

Targeting a specific individual a malicious email is sent containing a virus.


A malicious party lies in order to obtain privileged information.

Quid Pro Quo

An attacker trades an incentive for access to sensitive data.


Unsolicited junk mail that when opened uploads a system bug.


Devices containing malware are unintentionally installed onto computers.


Criminal pursuit of authorized personnel to a secure location to steal information.

Shoulder Surfing

Criminals memorize authorized users access codes by looking over their shoulders.

Additional Threat, Vulnerability, and Compliance Management Services

Combined with a security risk analysis, our accompanying threat discovery services aim at providing a complete depiction of your business’ information security needs.

Risk Assessment

Determine the security weaknesses that exist through internal and external vulnerability audits.

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Full Risk Analysis

Examination of the technical, physical, and administrative components associated with digital security.

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Penetration Testing

Diagnostic analysis and testing that evaluates a system or network’s ability to combat an attack.

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