Security Incident Response Plan

There are numerous different scenarios in which a data breach can occur so it is greatly beneficial to be prepared with a security incident response plan (SIRP). The goal of the incident response plan is to define policies and procedures surrounding the key elements of a cyber attack, providing detailed instructions on how to react and remedy the situation. Organizing how to manage the aftermath of an incident will limit the damage that resulted in the breach as well as reduce the recovery time and costs associated with the event.

For a SIRP to be effective, there are six stages that need to be addressed. Proper execution of the response plan will require the efforts of various different departments within an organization. Detailing the roles and responsibilities of these individuals as well as creating precise guidelines for analyzing, reacting to, and controlling security violations.

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Our approach is not to provide you with a report that you won’t be able to understand or implement. We take a consultative approach, explaining the effects of each action item and the impact it has on the business. This allows for not only a higher understanding of what is needed to not only be in compliance, but be proactive in your security measures.

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Creating a formalized incident response plan will significantly reduce the impact your business experiences as a result of a data breach

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