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What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing authorizes an “ethical hacker” to simulate tactics used by cybercriminals to infiltrate an organization’s network, computer systems, or infrastructure. This series of comprehensive exercises identify any weakness that can be exploited and evaluates a business’ ability to withstand a data breach. Penetration testing differs from a risk assessment’s security audit in that it utilizes human insight and dexterity to adapt and pass through basic security measures.

Specialized Penetration Testing

Luminant’s penetration testing services are conducted by our team of ethical hackers that will uncover the critical issues that cybercriminals target in order to gain access to sensitive information. In combination with an initial risk assessment security audit, pen testing will provide an additional layer of defense focusing on the human element¬†associated with information hacking. Our vulnerability scans are used to identify a subset of the security shortcomings your business must address, while our penetration methods illustrate the more extensive flaws that are inviting cybercriminals to attack.

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We Leverage Methods That Focus On Bypassing Security Restrictions.


Determine the level of difficulty for circumventing preventative technology or control measures currently in place without being detected.


This formulated event gauges the ability for a cybercriminal to escape undetected at a physical location or through technology infrastructure.

Customized Exploitation

Tailored scenarios that take advantage of different exploitation avenues to target important aspects of frequently utilized technologies.

Attack Avenues

Identify the exposure to attacks through designated avenues such as web applications, social engineering, or memory based exploits.

Additional Threat, Vulnerability, and Compliance Management Services

Combined with a security risk analysis, our accompanying threat discovery services aim at providing a complete depiction of your business’ information security needs.

Risk Assessment

Determine the security weaknesses that exist through internal and external vulnerability audits.

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Full Risk Analysis

Examination of the technical, physical, and administrative components associated with digital security.

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Social Engineering

Policies and procedures designed to educate on the human element that hackers exploit.

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