Threat Discovery

Securing your business’ digital assets can be a daunting task that carries potentially costly and damaging consequences. Anticipating cyber threats and preparing for data breaches require various levels of detection, analysis, testing, and remediation. Each organization is unique and dictates a security strategy that is tailored to its specific needs, whether that is complying to regulatory governance or adhering to industry best practices for vendor approval.

Identifying and analyzing the gaps that exist within technical infrastructure, processes, and protocol is the first step. Each course of action within the threat discovery phase is aimed at diagnosing security flaws and establishing a culture of security with a solid foundation from which to build upon. Our team will guide and recommend which managed security services are the most integral to protecting your business.

Our methodology will identify gaps within your network, computer systems, or infrastructure that are in jeopardy of being compromised.
We determine, analyze, and prioritize security gaps that compromise sensitive data.
Prevent hackers from capitalizing on nonexistent or inconsistent internal security protocol by utilizing our specialized training and procedure implementation.
Allow us to help create and implement a security incident response plan (SIRP) that will provide specific actions items should a breach occur.
Compare and document security practices and protocol with federal and state governance regulations as well as industry best practices.
Full Risk Analysis

Risk Assessment

Determine the security weaknesses that exist through internal and external vulnerability audits.

Penetration Testing

Diagnostic analysis and testing that evaluates a system or network’s ability to combat an attack.

Social Engineering

Policies, procedures, and training designed to educate on the human element that hackers exploit.

Full Risk Analysis

Examination of the technical, physical, and administrative components within digital security.


Unsure of where to start? Cyber security is not your forte or even in your wheelhouse. Recently, McAfee reported  90% of small and medium-sized businesses in the US do not use data protection for company and customer information. If this is your company, then it is critical you identify your existing vulnerabilities, resolve the issues, prevent their recurrence, and prepare for the inevitable. Digital security is no longer considered a preventative convenience, but should be an integral and fundamental element within your organization.

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