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The things that make Luminant unique derive from the history of its founders. Luminant was founded by IT experts with deep technical backgrounds who understand business. These individuals realized security was lacking or nonexistent for many businesses or within internal IT departments. Our people have worked in IT and understand its mission and operations. And we’ve worked at providing service to all kinds of clients; exposing us to many different industries, all kinds of technology, and many different environments. As a result, we understand that IT and security must serve the business. It is a critical necessity that IT and security processes be aligned properly and both must be intertwined in order to maximize effectiveness and transparency. We understand how all the technological components have to align with business practices to really add value. Not only do we understand how security can affect IT and the business, but also focus on customer service and how IT and security can impact the users who are just trying to get a job done. All of these things contribute to a dedicated team who can relate to all the stakeholders, who know how to get things done and work with IT, and who are deeply interested and talented in optimizing security and its service to the business.

We aim to emphasize the human approach, interpreting and understanding how security directly effects the business and productivity. By aligning business priorities with cyber security requirements, we have the ability to proactively mitigate much of the risk associated with doing business in the 21st century.
Utilize our team’s technical expertise to determine, discover, design, deliver, direct, and discuss all aspects related to securing your business’ digital assets. We partner with our clients as well as any external vendors to accomplish the sole goal of proactively reducing cyber threats.
We promise to work WITH you… not just provide you with data from a security scan that can’t be differentiated or executed. Our consultative approach concentrates on the human element, transparency, and communication. We provide a comprehensive methodology that capitalizes on our expertise and toolset.
Cyber criminals are smart. Hackers prey on business’ vulnerabilities, whether it be through an insecure technology environment or compromising business policies and procedures. Our all encompassing solution identifies those vulnerabilities and caters a plan unique to your business’ needs.
Almost everyone or business at some point will experience a compromise of sensitive information. It is a complete invasion privacy and projects fear and panic, only providing the cyber criminals with more power. We’re dedicated to proactively mitigating as much of a cyber threat as possible, but also constructing a plan should a breach occur.
Cyber criminals are constantly changing their tactics, so we have to stay relevant in the technology and resources we use, adapting to the ever-changing online environment. To do this, we deploy the most current technology and oversee information security in its entirety through our management platform.

Battling Cybercrime, Protecting Digital Assets, and Reducing Online Threats.


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Demonstrated deep understanding of technical and managerial knowledge, skills, and experience. Encompasses the ability to design, engineer, execute, and oversee information security programs that protect organizations from cyber attacks.

Certified Ethical Hacker

Qualified professionals who comprehend how to look for gaps and vulnerabilities within an organization’s systems. Certification requires one to possess the same knowledge, skills, and tools as a malicious hacker, but uses them legitimately to prevent and protect

CompTIA Certification: Security+, Network+, A+

Validated professional skills in foundational IT (across variety of devices and operating systems), network administration, and security (establishing a benchmark for securing networks and operational best practices).

Certified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE)

Enables a professional to interpret HIPAA legislation and privacy laws, including compliance and non-compliance as well as examine the approved code sets for transactions and perform advanced administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

ITIL Certified

Aligns IT services and solutions with business requirements. The certification outlines IT processes and procedures that can be tailored to an individual organization that ensures integration with business strategy, deliverables, and implementation.

“Security needs to be integrated into the culture of a business. It’s not just a checkbox any more.”
John Stephens, Managing Partner

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