Information Security Risk Management

Executing an information security risk management solution requires detailed application, skill, and collaboration. Our cooperative approach provides unique insight into not only the technological components, but also consultative instruction on how to interpret the results of the cyber security risk assessment as well as the impact on business decisions. Managing your organization’s individualized digital security roadmap is streamlined through Luminant’s Digital Security Management Platform, providing complete transparency and process organization. Combining our toolset and interactive direction of your IT resources (either internal or outsourced) allows us to prioritize and address each online security threat to meet industry, state, or federal compliance requirements.

Our managed security services encompass project security oversight and leadership.
As a trusted advisor, we’ll help prioritize and guide your security initiatives.
Our approach provides full accountability and access to project status insights utilizing our specialized toolset.


Knowledge is power, but it can also be daunting when trying to prioritize and decide the best approach to protecting sensitive information. Our holistic technique will enable you to assemble all of the critical pieces associated with digital security as well as identify the IT resources needed to deploy and support the necessary solutions.  


Creating a unique information security management plan that is tailored to needs of your business is only a portion of what we offer. Luminant coordinates all aspects, provides advisory counsel, and interacts with internal or external IT resources on your behalf and in your best interest. Supervising initiatives using our expertise and tools help to augment any missing elements within your organization’s IT skillset.


We believe in total transparency, gaining your trust and respect through action. We are your Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO), providing vendor agnostic recommendations, communicating best practices, and aligning technology administration with business directives. We share in your effort to provide a unified front against criminal cyber activity.

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Executing a customized risk mitigation plan is the second phase in securing the sensitive information within your organization.
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