Threat Discovery

Uncover the security gaps in processing, transmitting, and storing sensitive information.

Assess Vulnerabilities

A thorough gap analysis will provide the groundwork for threat reduction.

Vulnerability Mitigation

Customized management and coordination of your business' remediation blueprint.

Risk Management Solutions

Managed security plan designed to target the specific needs for each unique business.

Preventative Oversight

Preserving security with recurring audits, training, and compliance validation.

Monitor and Maintain

Identifying and resolving security threats is only the first phase in sustaining a culture of security.

Contact Us… We’d love To Meet You In Person Or Virtually!

Luminant is a unique Managed Security Service Provider that specializes in combining tailored customer service with comprehensive technical expertise. Contact us to discover how our consultative methodology incorporates business insight with digital security to deliver a complete holistic approach in protecting your organization.

Main Office: 4252 SE International Way, Portland OR 97222
Phone: 503-905-3285

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