Compliance Security Audit

Vulnerability Scanning
And Regulatory Governance

As data breaches increase and the tolerance for inadequate security practices decreases, businesses are faced with adhering to stricter and ever-evolving regulatory measures. No longer is it acceptable to check a box and appear to be compliant. At risk is not only financial and legal ramifications, but also a damaged and tarnished reputation that can jeopardize future success.


HIPAA standards are mandated for all providers, entities, and their vendors within the healthcare industry.

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PCI applies to all organizations that processes, stores, and transmits credit card data.

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Companies that collect sensitive data that distinguishes a person that could result in harm if disclosed.

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Global businesses must certify all data relating to specific technologies transferred across the Internet

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Is Your Business Collecting Private Information?

“Luminant Security not only reinforced our security initiatives, but has guided us in the arduous documentation process involved with becoming compliant.”
Method Technologies, Cypress, CA

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Our team will walk you through what is broken, how to fix it, and what is needed to prevent future violations.



Uncover the security gaps in processing, transmitting, and storing sensitive information.

Assess Vulnerabilities

A thorough gap analysis will provide the groundwork for threat reduction and future preventative maintenance.

Vulnerability Mitigation

Customized management and coordination of your business' remediation blueprint.

Risk Management Solutions

Managed security plan designed to target the specific needs for each unique business.

Preventative Oversight

Preserving security with recurring audits, training, and compliance validation.

Monitor and Maintain

Identifying and resolving security threats is only the first phase in sustaining a culture of security.

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