It takes expert guidance and a culture of security to defend your business from ever-changing threats. When you seek to deploy a robust cybersecurity program or reach an ambitious compliance standard, our partnership prepares you for whatever situations arise.

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Cybersecurity can feel like traversing a wilderness. You have an idea of where you want to go, but the territory is unknown and holds many threats that only experts can detect and anticipate.

To name just one such threat, hackers are constantly developing new schemes to get a hold of your crucial data. Contrary to common claims, that doesn’t mean a breach is unavoidable.

While every business will experience attacks, a solid cybersecurity program will reduce those incidents from ever becoming a breach with serious legal ramifications. Our approach combines three key elements: technology, education, and strategic guidance. Along the way, you set the pace of change that’s right for your business.


We start by identifying gaps in your cybersecurity defenses and guide your implementation of best practices that build a strong foundation. From there, you are ideally equipped to venture forward.


Without continuous training, your people are the weakest link in your cybersecurity program, and hackers know it. Our approach will educate and inspire your team to defend against risks. The result: you’ll develop a culture of cybersecurity awareness, which builds engagement confidence, and an ownership mindset.


Together, we’ll reach a level of visibility and preparedness that does more than secure your data — it becomes a competitive advantage. You’ll have a clear view of where you stand, and what’s possible.


Cybersecurity Programs & Services


A robust cybersecurity program to meet your security and compliance standards.


A base-level program for businesses ready to get serious about cybersecurity.

Project Services

Technical and strategic services addressing specific requirements and concerns.

Compliance Care

Together with your virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), you will clarify challenges and risks, then develop and maintain your customized cybersecurity program based on the appropriate compliance framework. For one reliable monthly fee, we will:

  • Equip you with cybersecurity policies and an incident response plan
  • Educate and engage your team through cybersecurity training
  • Illuminate exactly where your business stands and inform proactive measures through vulnerability scans, phishing campaigns, and Dark Web monitoring
  • Lead immediate containment efforts when an incident occurs

All Compliance Care components are designed to evolve with the dynamics of your organization and its environment.


For companies preferring a slower pace of change toward a full cybersecurity program, our Secure Care services lay the essential groundwork over a longer period of time.

Your virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) will shed light on your organization’s cybersecurity risks and needs, then map your path forward. Insights from Dark Web monitoring will keep you informed about potential risks. Additional components such as user training, network vulnerability scans, and phishing can be added to your monthly plan as you are ready to progress further.

Cybersecurity Project Services

Engage our team to assess your risk exposure, get a clear view of opportunities to strengthen your cybersecurity program, and orient your team with solid procedures and training. Our team has extensive expertise with each of these practices:

  • Annual Risk Assessment
  • CMMC Readiness Assessment
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • One-Time Internal/External Network Vulnerability Scan
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Cybersecurity Training (Delivered Virtually)
  • Information Security Policies & Procedures
  • Phishing Campaigns

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification - Registered
In our experience, businesses servicing defense contracts are incredibly skilled at what they do. To continue their great work, compliance with DFARS is mandatory, and the requirements are broad and deep. We approach the challenge by isolating critical data, educating leadership and staff, and implementing security controls that maximize efficacy and optimize operations.

Staying ahead of the defense industry’s evolution from DFARS to CMMC. We are CMMC accredited and have already submitted our application to become a Certified 3rd Party Assessor Organization. As an active member of the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition, we regularly contribute our expertise to peer learning events.

Learn more here

Most business leaders are faced with the specter of a cyber-attack, but simply don’t know how to begin fortifying their organization. NIST CSF is an excellent industry-agnostic cybersecurity framework that can serve as the foundation for a solid program and — when directed by a seasoned vCISO — transform the culture of an entire organization.

All our team members are intimately familiar with NIST CSF and have put it into practice at companies of all sizes. Through assessments, planning, and education, we guide businesses from trepidation to confidence, ready to not just survive but thrive in a dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

Whether your business accepts payment cards through a POS or PMS system, a home-grown payment application, or even a web terminal, our team is fluent in all of these systems and understand how each of them impacts compliance. We can work closely with you to redesign processes, train staff, and implement controls.

When we embark on the path to PCI compliance with an organization, we first examine where exactly the implementation of controls is non-negotiable to ensure data privacy and security. This often helps simplify the vast set of rules and requirements the framework covers, thereby reducing the associated costs.

Although HIPAA was established in 1996, businesses still face a lot of confusion about its requirements, especially outside the healthcare industry. Our team has charted clear paths toward compliance for a variety of organizations subject to HIPAA, including law firms and insurance agencies.

Our key strength is individualizing the approach to compliance. Beyond meeting the requirements for technical, administrative, and physical security controls, we work closely with you to enable operations to function as efficiently as possible.

As FERPA requirements are more broadly defined than those of other compliance frameworks, they can be challenging for organizations to understand, let alone implement. With extensive experience in this domain, our team can shed light on the practices that apply to your educational organization.

We dig deep to get the full picture of how your business intersects with FERPA regulations, parse any fine print in your contracts, then design controls that appropriately safeguard student data and embed them into your daily operations. Along the way, we engage and educate your staff to take charge of your cybersecurity.

This framework is for Canadian companies with less than 500 employees who seek a proactive approach to mitigate cybersecurity risks. This is a voluntary certification program with a framework designed to help businesses protect themselves against cyberattacks and raise the bar for cybersecurity, consumer confidence, and global competitiveness of Canadian SMBs.

To achieve certification, businesses must review and implement 13 critical cybersecurity controls outlined by the Canadian Center for Cybersecurity before applying for certification. We will work through this framework with you and your team in a Readiness Assessment to determine the value of your information systems and assets, threat level and identify your current cybersecurity gaps against the controls. We will then develop a remediation plan to address the gaps and consult with you throughout the journey on your path towards a CyberSecure Canada Certification.

If you are a business operating in the UK, or working with a UK based company, there are two levels of cybersecurity to consider: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. Both are government backed certification programs that define a set of controls to provide guidance on cybersecurity for the technology in use for your business. To be eligible for government contracts, businesses must meet one or both levels. Primary difference is Cyber Essentials Plus requires a third-party technical verification.

We will guide you through the Cyber Essentials Readiness Toolkit and design a remediation roadmap to help you navigate towards meeting the certification requirements for Cyber Essentials and the Cyber Essentials Plus verification by a third-party.


Focused on People. Passionate About Security.

Our team joined forces to found Luminant in 2013 in response to the lack of appropriate cybersecurity services available to small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). We set out to equip them with programs of the same caliber as the ones available to large enterprises, so they could protect their critical data and grow a security-first culture. That motivation still drives us today.

Another key difference right from the start: many of our peers were offshoots from accounting firms and brought that same mindset to cybersecurity — Luminant was born out of a managed services provider. The advantage: we know how to leverage and secure technology, and we are experts at delivering a great user experience.

Our passion for people and for technology’s potential to strengthen a business keeps pushing us to stay on the leading edge of cybersecurity, and we deeply enjoy sharing our knowledge. When we do, we make sure to offer it in a way that non-experts can apply in their day-to-day work. It’s how we have empowered hundreds of SMBs in industries with demanding compliance standards to make cybersecurity their competitive advantage.


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